ASHES – A two-country partnership agreement

ASHES is a comedy about a family race to acquire their uncle’s fortune.

What’s Up Doc with a Canadian “fish-out-of-water” twist

This takes three cousins (two of them are married) from northern rural
Alberta into the heart of L.A. They have 60 hours to deposit Uncle
Ambrose’s ashes into Betty White’s garden to inherit his $60 million.
(Ambrose met White before she met Alan Funt and he has held a torch for her all these years.)

SERIOUS – Suitable for independent production company

SERIOUS is a thriller about suspicious suicides in a small town.

When trying to help goes wrong

An award-winning journalist moves his son from NYC to the small town of Serious, Wisconsin to simplify their lives after his wife’s suicide. The new owner of the local paper, he discovers a number of recent suicides in town that awaken the reporter in him. While he is investigating, his son is being set up as the next victim.