STAFF OF THE DEMON CHASER – Major animation studio only

STAFF OF THE DEMON CHASER is a children’s animated fantasy adapted from the novel of the same name, written by Deron Rennick.

This quest leads to love with some adorable help

Meet the bully beasts!

These adorable beings help more than you would ever guess as our heroes strive to get the Staff of the Demon Chaser out of the wrong hands! There is a teaser short script to introduce the beasts and the antagonist as they unearth the Staff with the intention of using it for evil. Then the main story begins.


– Suitable for Independent Production
– Canadian location

IN THE SHADOW is a whistle blower set in the B.C. coal mining industry.

Our hero finds himself in a velvet trap destroying his father’s legacy.

One-industry towns tend to live in the shadow of that business. The price of
housing, who gets the service contracts, whether there’s a summer vacation, or support for the minor hockey league – everything depends on that major employer. An individual with history in town and the talent to be hired can forget the past. Right? But then, there is an environmentally destructive discovery.

HEYOKA – An eight-episode children’s television series

HEYOKA is a fun family program that introduces the 7 Sacred Teachings of Firsts Nations. LOVE, RESPECT, COURAGE, HONESTY, WISDOM, HUMILITY, TRUTH

Heyoka means storyteller, part of KEVIN’s genetic makeup. He suddenly finds himself caring for his two daughters, ages 4 and 6, for the summer. He takes them to his home reserve to expose them to their First Nations heritage. The girls find their own trouble each half hour, and the storyteller brings them one of the Seven Sacred Teachings to help them learn. The story portion is done on green screen with the same actors playing different parts with exaggerated “storybook” settings and props. A weekly online game under-scores the lesson of the week providing further entertainment and promotional benefits.

MENEHUNE – A one-hour television drama set in Hawaii

MENEHUNE is a father-son rivalry lightened by the trickster character that is Hawaii’s version of the leprechaun.

His estranged son finds him in Hawaii. There is much to be discovered and experienced between the two, and with the help of the Menehune, they just may reconcile. Or will they?