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Please try getting to know me as I hope to enjoy getting to know you. Next to the pure creativity of writing, or painting, or brainstorming with a group, it is human interaction that feeds my spirit. I love people. I enjoy working and playing creatively with them. Discussing your projects brings me joy. For me, my service to you is another critical key to living in my “happy”.

Welcome to Writer for Hire. I thank you for your visit, and hope you’ll see a few pages before you move along. It is my pleasure to serve the businesses and individuals in the Foothills of Southern Alberta, including Calgary, Canada. How? I can offer corporate collateral of all sorts. From web content to hard copy brochures, your written material and promotional pieces can work for you when professionally written. Ask me about that. I can also assist new writers with getting their books written and published, or to write an individual’s biography as it is told to me. I enjoy all of these creative endeavours.

In addition, I work at my screenwriting craft with the intention of serving the producers in Hollywood and/or BC and Alberta. My genre of choice is Thrillers, but I have product in other genres as well. A comedy screenplay, a children’s television series, and a true story told in book form are available or in development. It is my belief that writing skills are totally transferable, and that it’s necessary to write – to tell a story – in the best form for that story. Just as a picture frame must be the best one for the art, not the surrounding décor, I believe there is a “best” form for every story.


My blog, “Who Made Peg” provides samples of my writing, as well as insights into my character based on the people who have marked my life in some way. These are the ones who entered, stayed, passed through or passed on, whom I’ve loved or not, but have learned from. The person I am today reflects the sum total of those experiences – those learnings. I hope you will follow my blog to find your own path to happiness as I have. By sharing it, I wish to help others. I want to provide hope. I want to say that no matter what the lesson, it’s good for you, and will lead you to the life you are meant to live. To find happiness is to realize that’s all that matters. Everything else comes AFTER. It all manifests as a result of the happiness.